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Our principles are based on the original charter of FabLab Foundation from 20.10.2012

1. Target

FabLabs are a global network of local workshops - opened to for people to collaborate on projects, innovate and access the tools of digital and traditional production.

2. Access

In Fablab, (almost) every item can be developed as long as there are no legal reasons, you are able to do it independently and the sharing of fablab is not affected.

3. Guidance

FabLabs form their own projects and learn from and with others. Therefore, all users are expected to contribute their share of documentation and guidance.

4. Security

All work should only be carried out with the necessary specialist knowledge and only in such a way that neither humans nor technology can be damaged.

5. Cleanliness

The FabLab and its furnishings should be left as clean as they were found. (If necessary and reasonable also better.)

6. Performing work

Everyone should do their part and support FabLab in the operation, repair, documentation of technology, consumables and processes.

7. Privacy

Projects and developments within the FabLab should come for individual personal use and serve the society, even if the intellectual property and the decisions about publication, secrecy, utilization are alone with the author. Of course, the copyright applies.

8. Business

The FabLab is primarily for private, non-commercial crafting. It may and may serve as an incubator for commercial activities, as long as this does not conflict with free access to FabLab and technology. In addition, commercial projects outside the FabLab are to be further developed and also contribute appropriately to the survival of the fabulous and to the personal success of those who have contributed to the project's success in the form of technology, premises, networks and personal commitment. Commercial activities based on the FabLab resources are to be made known to the FabLab and require the approval, especially with regard to the fact that the organ team volunteers and charitable builds and receives the FabLab.

9. Constitutional loyalty

The FabLab advocates and promotes the liberal democratic constitution and respects the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and the Constitution of the Free State of Saxony.

Legal Notice

Das selbstständige, eigenverantwortliche Tätigwerden im und am FabLab führt auch bei Gewähr von Gegenleistungen, Ermäßigungen keinesfalls dazu, dass Arbeitsverträge oder sonstige Beschäftigungsverhältnisse mit dem FabLab begründet werden.