opening hours and fees

1. Opening hours

  • For the curious: weekly open workshop (every Wednesday from 4 to 8 pm) - see events calendar
  • Active members: 24/7h access, if key entitlement exists
  • by arrangement

2. Overview posts, fees and bonuses

A FabLab costs a lot of money every month. We want to enable as many people as possible to use a variety of technology at the lowest cost. Our base is are our fee regulations. With the contributions we cover rental costs, additional costs, electricity and maintenance costs for our existing equipment.

2.1 Billing options and payment

  • Direct debit (for members)
  • cash
  • bankwire
  • PayPal

2.2 Membership types and contributions, group use

You are a group and have a project, what you want to realize with us? This is not a problem. We offer short-term memberships for 1 to 4 people per application. The short-term membership can run for a maximum of 30 days, with unused days expiring 90 days after the start of the contract.

Membership typeDiscountMinimum fee
Active member-15€ per month
Active memberreduced10€ per month
Supporting member-15€ per month
Short-term member-1 to 5 days: 5 € per day
6 to 30 days: 2 € per day, plus 15 € (once)
Short-term memberreduced1 to 5 days: 2.5 € per day
6 to 30 days: 1.5 € per day, plus 5 € (once)
Short-term memberFamily/group (up to 4 persons)1 to 5 days: 10 € per day
6 to 30 days: 4 € per day, plus 30 € (once)

* Calculation examples for short-term memberships
Costs for 3 days, not reduced: 3 x 5 € = 15 €
Costs for 17 days, not reduced: 17 x 2 € + 15 € = 49 €
Costs for 10 days, reduced: 10 x 1,5 € + 5 € = 20 €
Costs for 30 days, group price (2 – 4 persons): 30 x 4 € + 30 € = 150 €

Registration fees
The registration fee for active memberships is 15 €. We charge the registration fee for the expenses for the integration into our systems. For short-term and promotional memberships, no separate admission fee will be charged.

Processing fees
Im Falle einer gescheiterten SEPA-Lastschrift erheben wir für zusätzlichen Aufwand und Rückbuchungskosten eine pauschale Bearbeitungsgebühr in Höhe von 5 €.

2.3 Association work can be remunerated

Active members have the opportunity to accumulate up to 5 hours of association work, which can be converted into a contingent. This quota allows the possibility of offsetting usage fees or lending fees. For one hour association work the member will be charged 10 €. The maximum annual quota is 50 €. the quota does not expire as long as the status of the active membership exists, and can be added up to the quota of the following year. For the collection of the hours an hourly proof per member is led by the association board (list), which is led in the 15-Minuten clock. The times are to be communicated independently to the executive committee. The quotas are issued in the form of vouchers (only usable with an actively running membership).

2.4 Usage fees

Unfortunately, costly equipment or workshop areas are not covered by the monthly membership fee as they would otherwise drain their maintenance costs (e.g., repair or regular replacement due to wear). Basically, we therefore charge for particularly expensive technology, as well as for certain consumables (for example, plate material, 3D printer filament) expenses, so that we can continue to gain as an association and new technology.

Where/how is it settled?

For which things are user fees charged?

See Farringdon Portal


  • Certain machines and tools are only allowed to use if passed operator's license course or proof of safe operating for a variety of reasons
  • Permission of use is subject to agreement and instruction or machine training by a trained person
  • the use of consumables brought along must be agreed in advance to eliminate any problems (e.g., incompatible 3D printer filament, unsuitable milling materials, etc.).

Prizes for non-members, commercial/profit-oriented use or "let do"

Our whole focus is the principle: Help for self-help - the ability to use a complex machine on its own responsibility, meaningful and purposeful.

We are happy to show, as far as possible, how the technology works and what it is about. You are always welcome to the open workshop and various other events. Take a look around and get to know us and our technical diversity. As part of our general opening hours, you are welcome to try out or use different things together with our members. Other usage fees apply accordingly to non-members than to active members or short-term members.

If you want to lend a hand alone, you have to accept our terms of use for liability reasons and to conclude a short-term membership or an active membership. In the case of more complex machines, such as our CNC milling machine or our 3D printers, intensive instruction is also required beforehand, which is unfortunately not possible within the scope of the open workshop.

We work for the association and are not your service providers. By no means are we the producers of your idea. If you are e.g. only need something 3D printed or milled, but no interest in FabLab life or the DIY things , we recommend the locally based manufacturing industry or Internet service providers, who take their time and ask for reasonable prices.

2.5 Rental fees

The club lends various equipment, which is not needed at peak times, to members and non-members. The following fees apply. In addition, a deposit will be charged. The scheme for the deposit:

  • Category 1 - Small tools:
    • 5€ deposit per object
    • a maximum of 5 objects can be borrowed at the same time
  • Category 2 - Electric hand tools and machines:
    • 50€ deposit per object
    • only a single object borrowed
  • Category 3 - Event items and others:
    • 50€ deposit per object
    • a maximum of 5 objects can be borrowed at the same time


  • Rental period for all loans a maximum of 7 days
  • Overdrafts will continue to be charged until returns have been made
  • Consumables (e.g., grinding wheels, filament) must be replenished, or purchased separately
  • Further lending of lent things to third parties is excluded
  • Overview of the lent things see reservations overview
  • For nonprofit organizations on district Sonnenberg: We are happy to lend our event equipment (Category 3) to non-profit organizations on district Sonnenberg free of charge (only deposit required). Please send us an Email with a short description of the planned event (reason, date, organizer)

For what objects are the rental fees?

An overview of the various rental objects (for example tents, benches, gas grill, ...) and the loan can be done by Farringdon-Portal . You can also use the paper version .

2.6 Course fees and entrance fees for special events

We also want to cover part of the expenses with course fees. In this case, the course leader takes contributions and hands the FabLab an agreed usage share. You can find courses in our events calendar.

2.7 Storage fees and lockers

Currently, the association does not charge any special fees for storage space or lockers, as this is heavily limited anyway.