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History FabLab Chemnitz - Media, fairs and events

Recent and past events you can find here on our homepage and partially on Facebook. Our gallery can be viewed right this way. Our blog with recent information can be found on this page.

The FabLab Chemnitz as project of the Stadtfabrikanten e.V.

Pre-History (before the founding of the association Stadtfabrikanten e.V.)

In the fall of 2015, FabLab Chemnitz settled down in Philippstr. 13. A few months passed to basically prepare and utilize the lab.

Pre-History (before the opening of FabLab Chemnitz in Philippstr. 13 - hiking project / MetaFab Tour)

The FabLab Chemnitz was for a long time a wandering project or figment of the imagination, which only became more concrete or manifested much later. At first, it grew out of the so-called "MetaFabTour" - a project of FabLab Dresden, which was founded in 2014. Roughly speaking, the aim of the tour was to find places where critical masses can be found in order to found more open workshops on site. The MetaFab project aimed at mobile laboratories that were held for several days to weeks at various public places (for example, the Saxon State Library) in order to draw attention to this project. Thus, people wandered around with 3D printers, laser cutters and other tools.

Here are also listed as a makerspace

We have various cooperation partners, friends and sponsors. You can find these on this page. Zudem werden wir unter anderem auf folgenden Webseiten erwähnt oder aktiv:

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