Let's do it together! Become a member or part of the organization, be a guest, support

Become a "Stadtfabrikant"!
The FabLab Chemnitz will be your home and already for a small monthly fee. The exact terms of payment and everything you need to know here. We offer space for self-realization and have a mature group of members of all ages.

By the way, the Stadtfabrikanten e.V. is not only looking for new members, but also helpers who work for us behind the scenes and contribute their own ideas. We are looking to strengthen our activities even more like-minded, who want to be part of the organization and properly tackle, for example. at the open workshop, at various projects, at fair stands or associations representations, club events in-house, etc .. There is much to do and the workshop can revive even more if we can take care of it as a group. Using the tools, using professional machines and working on projects together with other makers.

Be our guest
You just want to stop by and do not start right away? No problem! Come by as a guest, get to know us and just watch what happens in the FabLab Chemnitz. Of course free of charge. As long as you do not use our tools and machines, you do not have to pay anything.

Support us
Or the other way around: You can not use the FabLab Chemnitz yourself, do you find the idea of a shared workshop good and would you like to support this charitable project with a small donation? This way. The association is also looking for tools and machines so that we can improve our workshop equipment. We have the requests separately listed on this page . For loans we have made a loan template, which you may use for this.

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